NFTBirds started as a learning project and homage to the OG CryptoPunks. It has grown into an inspiring community!

The birds are generated using a Python script and minted as ERC1155 NFTs on OpenSea. There are five different types of birds: basic, jays, woodpeckers, eagles, and cockatoos. Within those types there are rare eye color and beak traits. There are also some one-off descriptions that found their way into various birds during the minting process!

There are 1500 birds total.

Owners have full commercial and licensing rights to their birds!

Programmatically generated, manually minted one-by-one with love!


In the beginning, the "why" for NFTBirds was simply to learn more about Python and the NFT space.

As the community grew it became clear that there was a beautiful opportunity to give something meaningful back! To that end the project has focused on two main areas: (1) planting trees and (2) open sourcing the research!

So far we have planted 5,000 trees from the proceeds of the project. These trees are spread across British Columbia, Colorado, California, the Amazon, and New Zealand.

Planting trees feels great! If you would like to plant some of your own, One Tree Planted is a good organization with projects all over the world!

Open Source

There aren't many resources available to learn about this sort of pixel-image generation mechanism, so the BitBirds project has made our research and code available to the community!

The code can be found on GitHub here:

There is a YouTube walkthrough of the resource here:

If you find these resources valuable we would love to hear from you! @NFTbirds on twitter.

How to get involved

It has been inspiring to hear from so many folks asking how they can help grow the community!

(1) Keep the NFTBirds ecosystem relentlessly positive!

(2) Plant some trees, do some good, be kind to the people around you!


(Credit on the magical gif embedded here goes to Discord user: PistolPete!)